The Reasoning to release Christmas single on 25th November 2013 featuring Rob Reed of Magenta on Keys!


The Reasoning are to release a Christmas single later this month and are calling for help from fans to get the song into the charts, if you would like to help or if you would like to appear in the band’s video read on!

“Greetings to you all!”

“As you will have observed, 2013 has – purposefully – been a quiet year for The Reasoning in terms of gigs and releases. Contrary to this illusion of inertia, however, things have been busier than ever underneath the surface (recalling once more Michael Caine and his famous duck quotation). Album 5 is taking shape very nicely, and we’re already looking forward to an action packed 2014.

As if this were not enough, here at Comet HQ our very own Mr Mattivator (see what we did there) was overcome by a festive epiphany, and finally wrote the Christmas song he’s been itching to write for years.

The band loved it immediately, as did the few select “judges” who were sent a sneaky preview… And so we decided to seize the moment, and release the track as a Christmas single. The entire song was written and recorded in under a week, which is a pretty fine turnaround by anyone’s standards!

Our recording session took place at Rob Reed’s studio (he of Magenta, Kompendium and Chimpan A notoriety), and suffice it to say we had an absolute blast. In an unexpected twist, Mr Reed also very kindly performed all the keyboard parts for the track, since our own Rob Gerrard was at home receiving an important delivery of his own in the form of a new baby daughter. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs G!

One of our motivations for this release was our exasperation with contemporary Christmas songs that just don’t seem to hit the spot anymore. Where are the bells and the glockenspiels that evoke such a powerful nostalgia at this time of year? What happened to all the fun?!? You’ll find it all here in this gloriously catchy, upbeat, sing-a-long song: we could all use a bit of good feeling in our lives right now, and here it is!!

After completing work on the full band version of the track, Matt was keen to also record an acoustic alternative, to cater especially for those of you who – like Dr. (Bah Humbug) Rach – might prefer less explicitly “Christmassy” Christmas tunes. The final result was a piano and vocal version that gives Gabrielle Aplin a serious run for her money. Do not listen without a handkerchief. You have been warned. Huge thanks to Rob Reed to his fantastic work as keyboard wizard, recording engineer extraordinaire and mixing guru. You’re a star.

So – you have two tracks to choose from! The title of said song is It’s Christmas (Sing Out Loud), and both versions will be available from iTunes and all other digital outlets from the 25th November 2013.

 Now to the serious part – WE NEED YOU!!

 We’re going to make a concerted effort to get this song into the charts, just to prove to the music industry that audience power is stronger today than it’s ever been. Pre-orders are now available, and even if you’re not usually fond of downloads, please get behind this one and help us show a cynical world just what bands like us can achieve with the support of amazing people like you. If you really can’t bear the idea of an MP3, there will also be full “flac” versions on our Band Camp site, but do remember that these purchases don’t count towards our chart position, so you’ll have to buy both (insert naughty Christmas giggle).

It may be a long shot, but we’ll have fun trying!

 Want to appear in the video for the full band song as well? It’s easy! Here’s what you need to do: send us a four second video of you playing any instrument, wearing your best Christmas finery, and generally being as silly as possible. The best contributions will be edited together and released to accompany the song. Send your video as a .MOV file to All entries must be in by the 20th of November, and the video will be aired on the 25th; the day the single released.

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for sharing this with us – we really want you to be a part of the whole experience. Let’s try and make Christmas a truly special one this year, with plenty of laughter, song and merriness.

 Love to you all as always. TR xxxxx”

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  1. Mark Harding says:

    A song should reach the charts based on merit, not because the band has begged people to buy it :p

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