SKY ARCHITECT return with their brand new album “A Billion Years Of Solitude”

Sky Architect A Billion Years of Solitude“Dutch prog rockers SKY ARCHITECT return with their brand new album “A Billion Years Of Solitude”

Two years after their ambitious “A Dying Man’s Hymn”, SKY ARCHITECT are now back with “A Billion Years Of Solitude”.

Prepare for a launch into space. Prepare for wormholes. Prepare for planet eaters, supernovae, and lots of unexpected twists and turns.

This time heavily inspired by the vintage science fiction classics, SKY ARCHITECT boldly venture into new territories, once again proving themselves to be the new explorers of the genre.

On “A Billion Years Of Solitude”, SKY ARCHITECT sound heavier, are more daring and inventive, and have challenged themselves more than ever before.

In every step in the process, including the cover artwork, the band have taken full creative control. The result: a stunning outburst of creativity, featuring typical SKY ARCHITECT elements such as surprising changes, crazy rhythmic devices, polyphonic arrangements and extensive song structures.”


1. The Curious One (18:06) 2. Wormholes (The Inevitable Collapse Of The Large Hadron Collider) (5:52) 3. Tides (3:24) 4. Elegy Of A Solitary Giant (10:43) 5. Jim’s Ride To Hell (2:24) 6. Revolutions (8:01) 7. Traveller’s Last Candle (12:37)

An official Sci-Fi-stopmotion music video for the song ‘Tides’, made by the band themselves, can be seen here:

“Fans of Gentle Giant, The Flower Kings, Beardfish and Pain Of Salvation take note.”

“A Billion Years Of Solitude” was released by Galileo Records on November the 4th 2013.

Order the album here:

Learn more about Sky Architect here:

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