In memoriam: Henri Bos

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that after a long illness, Henri Bos passed away at the age of 53. Henri was with DPRP from shortly after the beginning in 1995 and has contributed to DPRP for over 15 years.

In 1995, Henri started working on CDelight and the Dutch & Belgian Gig Guide. Especially his work on the latter got him involved in the prog scene. Henri’s gig guide, as it really was *his* gig guide, became THE calendar for all prog related concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium. In the 15 years Henri maintained his gig guide, he never skipped a single update. Other people noted his guide too and started using it on their website or in their magazine (e.g. SI Magazine, iO Pages). In 2011, Henri had to decide to leave the DPRP team because of his health.

Henri never really placed himself in the spotlights. Working quietly in the background was more his way of doing things. When were stressed out during the organisation of our festival in 1998, Henri said he would help. We were expecting him to explain what we had to do next, but he had already taken care of things and solved it. When we were having some heated discussions, Henri would listen, wait, then slowly and clearly summarize the main points and have us all shut up and realize that, sometimes, things are really much easier done than said.

Henri laughed at our joke of us calling him grampa, him being the eldest of the team. But the fact is that, even 18 years later, Henri was still way too young.

Our thoughts go out to the people close to Henri for they have lost a true gentleman and a thoroughly nice guy.

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4 Responses to In memoriam: Henri Bos

  1. Ed says:

    “… he was the first of our own …”

  2. donnie garrison says:

    Sad news. Been a longtime follower here and do know him via correspondence. Sorry about the loss guys and girls at DPRP.

  3. Fred Bruinenberg says:

    Very sad news. He will be deeply missed. My thoughts are with his family :-/

  4. Dave Filby says:

    P I P —–prog in peace

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