The Return of Milliontown!

Frost* Well, that happy day has finally arrived folks. 8 years after I walked down to the post office in Mayfield with a CD in a jiffy bag bound for Germany, employed lawyers, signed contracts, did a few gigs, split the band up, got it back together, did another album, did a few more gigs, split the band up again, got it back together again, moved to Somerset, went completely mad, moved back to Sussex, felt much better, filmed a DVD and started another album…I’ve finally reached this moment!

Yup, I now own the rights to Milliontown again. It’s all mine. It belongs to meeee!!

So to celebrate I’ve decided to re-release it on Bandcamp for the time being prior to a big ol’ remixed, tweaked and remastered physical version that I’ll start work on next year when the new album is out of the way.

To make it a bit special-er, I’ve included 2 sonic excerpts from the forthcoming DVD as bonus extras as well as Espen Storø’s magnificent remix of The Other Me which can finally be heard as a full fat wav for the first time. It deserves it.

I’ve also taken the liberty of twinking three of the tracks just to freshen them up slightly, see if you can spot the differences. Lastly, I’ve put together a wee 5 minute bonus Frost* Report for them’s that buy the album too – a sort of mini catch up, a thank you and a little show and tell about the new album and DVD.

And all for £6. Cheaper and longer lasting than a pint and a half of lager and more amusing than a Happy Meal.

Go on, I dare ya…

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