Collage is back!

Collage Collage reunion is a fact and this is official news! We have a great time doing heavy rehearsals to get ready for the tour. First gigs this year! Over 2 hours of music including songs never performed live before. We feel great playing together again!

We completed final setlist for the upcoming tour… we wont reveal It to you of course… we believe nobody will be disappointed… we’ve chosen songs we love to play live most – this is the only way to remain honest, to give you our true emotions – and this is what its all about, isn’t it?

The power is back so we start working on new album soon.

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2 Responses to Collage is back!

  1. JJ Delmas says:

    That is great news indeed! I think now they should arrange a double-bill world tour with Clepsydra. Ah, the Nineties are back!

  2. Kenneth Ekholm says:

    OMG!!! It truly seems like all my inner progdreams are becoming true at this moment. First the Clepsydra reunion, now Collage. Incredible! What’s next? Castanarc, Everon or … dare one say Genesis (wink, wink)?
    Now if only Clepsydra and Collage would put Stockholm on their touring map everything would be perfect!
    Stay prog!

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