Karnivool stream Asymmetry full

Karnivool have streamed upcoming third album Asymmetry in full.

It’s the Australian outfit’s first record since 2009′s Sound Awake. Guitarist Drew Goddard explains: “We wanted this record to be a natural evolution; It needed to be more honest and raw, sound-wise and song-wise, exploring uncharted territory for the band while holding true to the things that make Karnivool Karnivool.”


Frontman Ian Kenny sees it as a less direct progression. “Each time we walk into another record, we all want to explore new ground,” he reports. “We want to open the door to our musical basement, switch the light off and tumble down the stairs into god knows what. Each time we switch the light on again we’re a different band.”

And if the band’s supporters have been patient over the last four years, Kenny is now prepared to be patient in turn. He tells: “We’ll see how this record sits with fans and we’ll see where it goes outside that. We’ve just put it to bed a few weeks ago, so I don’t really have any scope on the record yet until it gets out there and does what it does.”

Asymmetry is released digitally this week and appears in record shops on August 5. Listen HERE!

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