Clepsydra reunion tour 2014

Clepsydra The Swiss neo-progressive band Clepsydra has been compared to such artists as Step Ahead and Deyss during their career. Combining aggressive symphonic passages with quieter keyboard sections, Clepsydra has never been noted for their originality, but has developed over the years to sound quite close to neo-prog legends Marillion. Clepsydra has their origins in the all-instrumental band Delta Prophecy, formed in 1989 by Philip Hubert (keyboards), Lele Hofmann (guitar), Andy Thommen (bass), and Pietro Duca (drums). After searching for a lead singer, the group added Aluisio Maggini on vocals in January 1990 and renamed themselves Clepsydra.

After the 4th CD in 2001 the band vanished into silence but will return to the European venues somewhere 2014.

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5 Responses to Clepsydra reunion tour 2014

  1. JJ Delmas says:

    Easily the best neoprog band that appeared in the 90’s, alongside Collage (from Poland) and Arena. IMHO.

  2. Sal says:

    My favorite band back from the dead!!!
    Hopefully they will record a live album/DVD from the tour!
    A new studio would be Heavenly!!!

  3. Penis says:

    Wow, Super!! Best news this year! Looking forward to it!

  4. Kenneth says:

    Best news ever on DPRP!

    I’ve followed this site for many, many years, I and must say this is the best news ever. Original or not, Clepsydra is one of my absolute top-10 bands, and I’ve got thousands of prog in my collection so competition is heavy. I’ve dreamt of a reunion I don’t know how many years so this is one is truly a blessing coming true. Now I only hope Collage will reunite as well!

  5. Anthony says:

    Great news, even greater if they ventured over to the UK on this tour. Moon Safari are coming all the way from Sweden, so how about Clepsydra?

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