GEP sign Synaesthesia


The Giant Electric Pea record company, home to IQ, Big Big Train and other well respected prog bands, are pleased to announce their recent signing of Synaesthesia to the label.

Synaesthesia are a new progressive rock outfit – taking the best parts of traditional Prog and bringing it most definitely into the 21st century, with a keen sense of melody and memorable, catchy riffs as well as plenty of experimentation.

Synaesthesia’s music is primarily written and played by 19 year old multi-instrumentalist Adam Warne who incorporates influences from acts such as Frost*, Porcupine Tree and Muse.

Adam is currently working at Aubitt Studios on Synaesthesia´s debut album with producer Michael Holmes of IQ, expertly engineered by Rob Aubrey  and is in the process of putting together a live version of Synaesthesia for a series of concerts later this year.

Look for more information on the album in the coming weeks. More information:

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