Second album for Modest Midget

Modest Midget Dutch foursome Modest Midget are currently working on their second album, Crysis.

This follows debut The Great Prophecy Of A Small Man, which was released in 2010. The new album is about, ‘The nature of the life span, the end and the start of a new chapter, the pains and the great joys that take place, and the hope for a new and better future in the life of an individual, and of mankind in general’. The musical style mixes jazz, classical, Middle Eastern sounds, rock and Spanish guitar. They have been described as the missing link between the Beatles and Frank Zappa, and have often been compared to Gentle Giant.

The band is the brainchild of Argentinian-born Lionel ’Loony’ Ziblat, who grew up in Israel before going to the Netherlands. Ziblat plays most of the instruments on the debut album. On the new record, he’s joined by Maarten Bakker, Jurriaan Berger and Willem Smid.

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