Citizen Cain to be reissued

Scottish prog band Citizen Cain are to have their back catalogue reissued on June 3 by Festival Music/F2 Music.

The band – who began in London during 1982, before splitting up six years later and then being reactivated in Scotland during 1990 – released current album Skies Darken last year on the same label; it was their first new album in 10 years.


Now the rest of their catalogue (five albums in all) is to be made available again, with each having been fully remastered. These are:

Serpents In Camouflage (originally released in 1993)
Somewhere But Yesterday (1994)
Ghost Dance (1996)
Raising The Stones (1997)
Playing Dead (2002)

Each will be in a single CD format, apart from Serpents In Camouflage. This is to have a bonus CD, featuring their first four-track demo, from 1991.

Currently, bassist/vocalist Cyrus and keyboard player/drummer Stewart Bell are working on solo projects. The former’s will be called Arculus, while the latter is to title his concept album The Oneironaut.

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