Lisa LaRue retires!

Lisa LaRue She tells: The time has come for me to announce that I am retiring frommy music career into private life. I have enjoyed 18 years of recording (with some performances), have 7 wonderful albums, and have worked with some of the best musicians in the industry. Some, as members of my band, and some as paid session players. I have been nominated for many awards such as the Los Angeles Music Awards’ Best Instrumental Artist, the Hollywood Music Awards, and several others, and have won some, too. I’ve also had the opportunity to do many benefit and charity projects, some which even weren’t public. I have developed a fan base around the world, particularly in South America and Russia, and have made many good friends through it all. Some have become real life friends, others just ‘pen pals.’ But it doesn’t matter – a friend is a friend. And I value all of you.

Many transitions have taken place in the last year or so in my life, and through it all the expense of maintenance of a website is kind of moot, as sales have dropped to zero. My arm condition is not continuing to improve, and I do not forsee being able to produce any new music in the near future, so as of June 1, 2013, will be retired, as well. CD’s will continue to be for sale through the website until that time.

The Lisa LaRue 2KX fanpage on Facebook will remain active if you wish to read archives such as reviews, etc. Over the next month, I will be making sure that all the archives from the website are included on that page. If you haven’t liked that page yet, you can find it at

It’s been a great 18 years, and I’ve seen most of my dreams come true, in the music field, even though it’s cost me my life’s savings to produce the last 3 albums and market them. Now it’s time to enjoy family, home and all of the other things I enjoy in life such as my job, photography, cooking and antiquing (and rebuilding a savings! lol).

Special thanks to many people for the wonderful 18 years…… Tom Bee, Will Alexander, Keith Emerson, Tommy Zvoncheck, Steve Adams, Don Schiff, Merrill Hale, Mike Alvarez, Dave Schiff, Amy Simmons, Sandy Serge, Barry Solomon, Federico Fantacone, and especially John Baker and John Payne. There are many others too numerous to mention, but you guys have been there through thick and thin.

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