Profuna Ocean wins Dutch Exposure

Profuna Ocean Profuna Ocean has won Dutch Exposure, and thus a record deal with FREIA Music. During the live-event last week the band perfomed alongside two other finalists Trip Trigger and Incidense. All three bands set a solid performance on stage. The jury came to the same conclusion as the audience votes earlier this year.

Profuna Ocean will release their next album of the FREIA Music label. They are curently recording the yet untitled album.

Now available on FREIA Music:
Fanfare & Fantasy – Comedy Of Errors [cd digipak]
1.000 Wishes – PBII [cd digipak]
Moods – Silhouette [cd digipak]
Zoe – ENorm [CD+DVD in cardboard sleeve]
The Final Battle – Haze [cd digipak]

Britain’s hardest working prog musicians have reformed as Haze to record a new album after more than 20 years. The album again is a blend of prog, heavy metal, folk and pop. To promote the album the band will play live regularly. They are looking at touring Europe later this year, beginning 2014.

Comedy of Errors will perform in the UK and The Netherlands upcoming months.

Watchig The Closing Sky – Profuna Ocean [CD jewelcase]
Not surprisingly FREIA Music are offering the debut album of Dutch Exposure winners Profuna Ocean. The album was originally released in 2009 and is now available as a midprice CD.

Upcoming releases:
FREIA Music has three new releases planned for the coming months.

Done With The Coldness – TumbleTown
TumbleTown is a renewed collaboration between guitarist/producer Aldo Adema (Egdon heath, Seven Day Hunt, Silhouette) and singer-songwriter Han Uil (Seven Day Hunt, Han Uil solo). After their succesfull cooperation in Seven Day Hunt the two of them decided to start working on a joint effort. Based on the songs of Han the two of them added the influences of Aldo’s distinctive style to produce an album that is a brilliant mix between progressive and mainstream rock. Most of the instruments are played by the two but there are some cameo appearances such as Erik Laan (Silhouette) on keyboards.

TumbleTown is a studioband and currently there are no plans to perform live. As a preview of the album the band recorded a videoclip of one of the songs on the album, The End of Hyde…..

1000Wishes [Live DVD] – PBII
FREIA Music has kindle agreed to finance the production of the Live DVD of the 1000Wishes Rock Opera by PBII. Recorded during the theatre-concerts in Rijswijk the DVD will see it’s release during the extra show of this extra ordinary Rock Opera on 9th of June.
All net proceeds of this DVD go to the Dutch Children’s Cancer Fund KiKa. The review on DPRP is just HERE!

Cold Steel [remastered & expanded] – Cliffhanger
We will be rereleasing the 1995 debut-album ‘Cold Steel’ of the Dutch band Cliffhanger. This original recording is remastered and we have added 11 until now unreleased tracks from the same era. The ‘remastered & expanded’ version will be available in a luxury 2CD twofold digipak complete with new artwork and linenotes.

Cliffhanger was formed in 1993 and released 4 albums between 1995 and 2001. They built up a good trackrecord especially in Europe and did quite some touring in the Netherlands and Belgium. The band split up in 2011 but did work together on the NovoX-project.
After the dissolvement of the band all members have been talking about a reunion but this is impossible due to other engagements. The only active member of the band in the scene is Gijs Koopmans. After having played for Knight area for over 10 years he recently teamed up with Ulysses. The release is planned end May/early June. Next to ‘Cold Steel’ we also have the ‘DugOut Alive’ DVD available with one of the bands last concerts on video and over 10 hours of music available.

FREIA Music will start the distribution of the vinyl version of One Eye On The Sunrise, the latest album by Nine Stones Close. The album is released as a double HQ-vinyl (180 grms) album in a gatefold sleeve. The pressing is limited to 250 copies only!

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