Alessandro Carmassi & Denis Surov

Alessandro Carmassi, vocalist of Marillion tribute band Neverland, combined his vocals together with 15th year old Russian guitarplayer Denis Surov to release in the near future their first record.

Tracks are inspired through Pink Floyd, Genesis and Survivor. DPRP has the scoope to give our readers two brand new songs.

As Alessandro talks to DPRP: In May 2012 I found a challenging message on my FB page: “I’m looking for a singer. I’m Denis Surov, a Russian musician…” I started out as a songwriter back in 1992 with my first band, but after we’d split I’d never attempted it again.

So now after all those years I thought: “Hell, why not? Let’s see if I’m still good at it…” I got in touch with Denis and he sent me a piece of music. I listened to it, but nothing…I wrote some silly words, but was not satisfied, and I took time. After more than a month Denis sent me another song… Something that this time, got my attention, I was finally inspired and the words began to flow. The music designed pictures in my head, like a story, and I started telling that story in the lyrics. I finished the same day and sent out my vocals to him for mixing.

From then on we produced 6 songs, exploring various genres (prog, psychedelic, pop, hard rock). Hope that you like it till sofar and more is coming up!
In between Neverland is planning again a tour for several dates in September.

Cheers // Alessandro

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