KingBathmat offer free sampler

KingBathmat are offering a free six-track album sampler download via their Bandcamp page.

It includes one song from each of the band’s studio albums: Son Of A Nun (2003); Crowning Glory (2004); Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (2005); Blue Sea, Black Heart (2008); Gravity Field (2009); and Truth Button (2013).


The four-piece band, led by John Bassett, say of their music: “KingBathmat can resemble at times, a sonic expedition, a giddy aural excursion, visiting genres as diverse and contrary as the complex arrangements that inhabit progressive rock interlaced with the cutting vocal melodies of classic pop that then tear abruptly into an uncompromising sledgehammer heavy metal riff.”

They expect listeners to ask themselves: “Is it an exquisite ornate Faberge Egg – or a crumpled-up papier mache ball encrusted in moomin juice?” Find out more.

KingBathman Album Sampler tracklist:
1. Behind The Wall (from Truth Button)
2. Lost Forever (from Gravity Field)
3. Paper Bag (from Blue Sea, Black Heart)
4. Ghost In The Fire (from Fantastic Freak Show Carnival)
5. The Sun And Moon (from Crowning Glory)
6. Post Traumatic (from Son Of A Nun)

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