Rhys Marsh’s ‘Old School’ album

Rhys Marsh Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost recorded upcoming double-album Trio in just two days. Hear a sampler clip below.

The three-piece wanted to capture the live energy they’ve become acclaimed for, and decided the only course of action was to make the record in an “old school” style.

Marsh formed the outfit to promote his fourth album, 2012′s The Blue Hour. The vocalist and guitarist was joined by pianist Ole Kristian Malmedal and drummer Anders Bjermeland of Flashback Caruso, and together they recorded Trio with no click-track and no headphones. Vocals and the flute of Ketil Vestrum Einarsen were the only overdubs.

The record features complete reinterpretations of material from The Blue Hour. It’s released on Autumnsongs Records via Burning Shed on April 29.

Trio tracklist:
1. Wooden Heart [7:46]
2. I Watched, As You Disappeared [6:03]
3. All Light Fades [5:31]
4. And I Wait [13:35]

1. Watch The Sky Fall [10:22]
2. The Place Where You Lay [5:29]
3. Divide In Silence [4:51]
4. The Movements Of Our Last Farewell [11:40]

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