Ian Neal enters The Space Age

Ian Neal enters The Space Age

Ian Neal Ian Neal has released his third album, Astro – and this time he’s exploring science fiction themes.

In a departure from his previous outings, two tracks on the new work include vocals and lyrics. But Neil insists the latest material sits well alongside 2005′s All In The Golden Afternoon… and 2011′s Out Of The Woods.

He explains: “Astro aims to be more synth-based, owing to the sci-fi themes it draws on. The album relies heavily on layers of synths, although there is the occasional acoustic timbre.”

For those who’d prefer him to stick closer to the feel of his previous material he adds: “A fourth album is planned, which will make a return to the pastoral feel.” Find out more.

Astro tracklist:
1. Jardin Des Étoiles
2. Aro
3. Runner!
4. To See You
5. Solaris
6. Citadel
7. Retour Au Jardin

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