New Silhouette guitarplayer

Silhouette Dutch progrockers Silhouette have extended their live line-up with a new lead gitarist going by the name Daniel van der Weijde.

To give vocalist Brian de Graeve more room performing vocals, the band decided to add an additional guitarplayer on stage.

In the last half a year, Erik Laan’s son Bart played additional parts on stage but had give up the job due to school duties. His last show will be Rock ITtervoort at the 19th April together with Martigan, Knight Area and Landmarq.

Daniel called the attention of Silhouete in March, when he replaced Steve Rothery in “Splintering Heart” at the Marillion Weekend during the so-called swap the band competition.

The first show for Daniel and Silhouette will be 21th June together with Saga in Patronaat Haarlem. Still tickets available!

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