Steven Wilson brings Raven back!

Steven Wilson Steven Wilson will bring his solo band back to De Boerderij in Holland and the UK in October, following the success of their appearances earlier this month.

They’re currently touring the world in support of Wilson’s acclaimed new album The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories). Now it’s been confirmed they’ll return to England for extra performances in Bristol, Wolverhampton and Newcastle, culminating in a final show at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

Meanwhile, the Porcupine Tree mainman has revealed why his own musical contribution isn’t as prominent on The Raven as on previous releases.

Wilson says: “I tried to remove myself as much as possible from the actual performance. I’m the producer and I want it to sound as good as it possibly can – and to be frank, that sometimes means not playing. Frank Zappa was an auteur, a director: he’d very often not be on his own tracks, and yet everything he did was quintessentially Zappa. Obviously I’m still singing, so it’s not quite the same.

“These guys are so good, and at the end of the day they’re still my songs – it’s my album. There’s no ego thing going on. ”

But he admits to an amount of self-doubt before the album was released. “When I get to that stage I always feel a sense of failure,” he says. “I don’t want to sound negative and doomy, but you never ever quite capture what you heard in your head.

“I’m sure it’s the same for writers, film-makers; in a sense the creative process always ends in failure, by definition. If you ever think, ‘Oh, that’s exactly what I’d imagined,’ then it’s the day you give up. When you’ve written the songs, you think they’re fantastic, but during the recording process you get more jaded – by the end of it you’re not relating to it as art. You’ve heard it so many times, it’s become a science project. So I’m always slightly unsure what I’ve done.

“That’s when first reactions become so important – and so far they’ve been great.”

Steven Wilson tourdates
Jul 12: Zoetermeer Boerderij (NL) – TICKETS
Oct 15: Bristol Colston Hall (UK)
Oct 17: Wolverhampton Civic Hall (UK)
Oct 18: Newcastle City Hall (UK)
Oct 20: London Royal Albert Hall (UK)

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  1. donnie garrison says:

    Wow, Steven is pulling what Alan Parsons did on his “projects”. Maybe those two should work together 🙂

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