Eleven’s Eve sees the light

Eleven’s Eve Somewhere in 2011, on the eve of a new musical challenge, the story of Eleven’s Eve starts. Risen out of the ashes of Ricocher, Darwin’s Pride and Casual Silence, five band members of these former bands meet in an obscure cafe. Experienced musicians in search for a new sound who are willing to start a new adventure. They lock themselves in a rehearsal room trying to form their ideas into complete songs.

After some rehearsals, where the bands adopts some covers of Marillion, Savatage, Saga, Avantasia and Toto, their first own song is composed and arranged. The first results are very promising. Compact songs, catchy melody lines and heavy guitar riffs combined with some great keyboard sounds. Two backing vocalists are added to reach a higher level. The guys and girls work hard to bring together a decent set list to be able to perform their songs on stage for the first time. Live on stage is the best place to get to know this music, find it out yourself very soon!

We’re on the eve of something new, we’re on the eve of Eleven’s Eve.

Eleven’s Eve:
Rob Laarhoven: vocals
Henry Meeuws: guitar
Niels Nijssen: bas
John van Heugten: keyboards, backing vocals
Robert Strijbosch: drums

Backing vocals:
Josien Obers
Bo van de Vrande

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