KingBathmat free download album

KingBathmat have released a free to download 6 track album.

KingBathmat download album coverThis is to celebrate the forthcoming re-release of KingBathmat’s back catalogue through Stereohead Records.

It is available for a limited time through the band’s Bandcamp website.

This album contains 1 song from each of KingBathmat’s six released albums to date. Free to download in exchange for your virtual soul (your email), (it also asks for a postcode, but you can input any random number in there!)

The tracklist is as follows:
1. “Behind The Wall” from the recently released “Truth Button
2. “Lost Forever” from 2009 album “Gravity Field”
3. “Paper Bag” from 2008 album “Blue Sea, Black Heart”
4. “Ghost In The Fire” from 2005 album “Fantastic Freak Show”
5. “The Sun And Moon” from 2004 album “Crowning Glory”
6. “Post Traumatic” from 2003 album “Son Of A Nun”

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