TFK & Neal Morse Band 2013 tour

Prog Magazine revealed today that The Flower Kings and The Neal Morse Band would be undertaking a short European tour starting in February next year:

Neal Morse & TFK 2013 tour posterThe Neal Morse Band & The Flower Kings European tour 2013
Feb 22: Stockholm Bryggarsalen, Sweden
Feb 23: Malmo KB, Sweden
Feb 25: Hamburg Markthalle, Germany
Feb 26: Koln Live Music Hall, Germany
Feb 27: Prattlen Z7, Switzerland
Feb 28: Milan Live Club, Italy
Mar 1: Barcelona Razzmatazz 2, Spain
Mar 2: Madrid Sala But, Spain
Mar 5: Russelheim Das Rind, Germany
Mar 6: Zoetermeer Boerderij, Holland
Mar 7: London Electric Ballroom, UK

Roine Stolt enjoyed a eureka moment when the idea of combining the Neal Morse Band with his outfit The Flower Kings came up.

Their double-top Prog-sponsored tour reunites Transatlantic collaborators Stolt and Morse – and the pair are determined to make the most of the opportunity. Stolt vows the shows will revive the 70s spirit of prog jamming, plus a finale of Transatlantic tracks.

He tells Prog: “In talks with our label boss, Thomas Waber at InsideOut Music, we touched upon a few possible tour packages for Europe and America. Quite a few names were dropped.

“Then it became obvious that, by pairing the Neal Morse Band with The Flower Kings, we suddenly had the composing and vocal motor of Transatlantic on the same stage. Eureka!”

Stolt is determined to avoid a “same show every night” approach to the shows. “The idea is to have two top-drawer prog bands, but also have 11 musicians who can walk in and out of the two sets as guests,” he says. “What a luxury!

“We want to make a very special tour – to revive a bit of the early spirit of prog, when music was about jamming, friendship and fun. I can see lots of cool interaction that will culminate in a grand finale of Transatlantic music every night.”

The two bands hit the road in February next year, and play the Electric Ballroom in London on March 7. But Stolt aims for the itinerary to be extended and says: “Our hope is to bring this to stages in the US and Canada in May.”



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  1. Ged Fazakerley says:

    Since when has ‘The Neal Morse Band’ been Prog rock royalty. Maybe he was in his beard days but now he’s just an evangelist restating the same old boring worship message…album after album after album.. as for the rest of the ‘Neal Morse band’… Prog royalty? Bit of humility called for on Mr Morses side there… (Which I’m sure he is supposed to be). Prog ‘Has been’ yes…. Prog Royalty… Most certainly not!.

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