IQ updates

IQ along Giant Electric Pea (GEP) records will release the 2013 remix of Tales From The Lush Attic in January 2013. Mike Holmes also talks of new material for the next album – CLICK HERE to read his ‘This Is New Stuff? ‘post.

IQ ~ Tales From The Lush AtticGEP are set to release the 2013 remix of ‘Tales from the Lush Attic’ on 21st January 2013 (surprisingly enough) in both a double disc CD/DVD format and on vinyl.

Producer Mike Holmes: “When we did the 25th anniversary edition of The Wake we took the finished stereo mix and re-mastered it. It made a big difference to the overall sound, but we weren’t able to give it a complete remix because the multi track tapes had been lost in the mists of time. However with ‘Tales’ we could go right back to the beginning, using the original 24 track tapes to build the mix from scratch.”

“It was great to finally give this album the mix it deserved. I’ve spent years avoiding the studio release of Tales, just because I knew it could be so much better. It is now”. CLICK HERE to read the full post.

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