Henry Fool new album next year

After some 11 years in gestation Henry Fool’s second album Men Singing is scheduled for release, via Kscope, in March 2013…

Speaking on his blog, Tim Bowness had the following to say:


Late November 2012 and the Sheffield to Norwich hotline was very hot indeed:

“Jarrod, I really like mix 324 of EIS, but maybe the synth could be a little lower at 2.16 and the guitar slightly louder at the 6.33 tempo shift. Also, how about some Mellotron flute overdubs from the five minute point onwards. A Welsh male voice choir and a completely different drum sound could also work, I think.”

Clearly, the longest gestating album in music history was still struggling to get out of development hell.

Henry Fool ~ Men SingingSome things work immediately, while others take time to feel complete. In the case of Henry Fool‘s second album, it took 11 years of writing, improvising, procrastinating and mixing to reach a point where we were finally happy to release some of what we’d been up to since 2001. Yes indeed, in pursuit of its second release, Henry Fool unwittingly hit Scott Walker / Kate Bush levels of perfectionism/indecision/indolence (delete where applicable).

Two thirds of the way through making a predominantly song-based album (Henry Fool Album 2, Take 6, to be precise), Stephen Bennett – my main HF collaborator – resurrected some recordings from a two day live in the studio session from late 2006 (Henry Fool Album 2, Take 3 for the fact lovers amongst you).

Like a man possessed – by a 40 year old glitter cape and a 30 year old Keytar, I suspect – Stephen overdubbed some synth parts to show how the material might potentially develop. Although I was happy with what we were working on and the individual songs were sounding good, for some reason the material wasn’t gelling as a whole in a way that the older music was. It struck me that in Album 2, Take 3 we had the basis of a more coherent and dynamic album than the one we were working on. Like a man possessed – by the spirit of a dead tinpot dictator, probably – I announced the birth of Album 2, Take 7.


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