Pseudonym Records re-releases

Dutch record label Pseudonym Records who specialise in re-releasing old Dutch masters, will soon put out re-releases from Alquin, Finch, Solution and Brainbox…

ALQUIN – The Marks Sessions – Expanded Edition  (2CD)
FINCH  – Mythology  (3CD)
SOLUTION – Mythology  (3CD)
BRAINBOX – Dark Rose / Their 45s  (2LP)

2CD ALQUIN – The Marks Sessions – Expanded Edition

Although their international success was only short-lived, Alquin was an eclectic band filled with inspiration. Over the course of six years, they made four critically acclaimed studio albums. Marks (1972) was a promising kick-off to Alquin’s recording career and showed a band searching for a definitive style.

As several tapes from the original sessions were unearthed earlier this year, The Marks Sessions contains a fascinating one-hour journey through the making of the album, featuring demo-versions of I Wish I Could, Oriental Journey and Marc’s Occasional Showers, among many others.

In addition, this 2cd-set features a recording of the concert Alquin performed at the Circustheater in Scheveningen on July 2nd, 1972. This gig represents the band in their first line-up, just before the recording of Marks and already pointing musically of what was to come on its follow-up The Mountain Queen.

The recordings have been exclusively remastered from the original master-tapes. In addition, The Marks Sessions contains an informative booklet with the complete Alquin story and rare memorabilia.

3CD FINCH – Mythology

Founded in 1974 and derived from the legendary group Q65, Finch is still regarded as one of the most leading of the second generation Dutch bands. Complex and harmonic orientated long compositions with lots of space for guitar and synthesizers fill up three albums and one seven inch.

Especially the live reputation of Finch is often remembered as legendary. ‘Nuff said for the ones who were eyewitnesses. Others can now enjoy Mythology, a 26 tracks 3CD deluxe set that not only relaunches their three studio-albums and their Colossus-7”, but also presents three recently unearthed pieces that were recorded by Dutch radio station VPRO. Paradoxical Moods, Pisces and Register Magister capture Finch on stage shortly after the release of their debut, featuring the first definitive line up of Joop van Nimwegen (guitar), Peter Vink (bass), Cleem Determeijer (keyboards) and Beer Klaasse (drums). The recordings were made in December 1975 in De Tagrijn in Hilversum. Also included is Necronomicon, a live-only track recorded in late 1976 in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The set is completed by eight demos from the pre-production of Finch’ third album Galleons of Passion.

This 3CD Mythology is housed in a deluxe digipack cover full of rare photo’s, memorabilia and the complete Finch story featuring exclusive interviews with the band members. The recordings have been exclusively remastered from the original mastertapes.

3CD SOLUTION – Mythology

During its 13 year existence, Dutch band Solution has been constantly exploring various musical fields. Debuting as a freeform progressive combo with jazz influences, their music evolved into typical seventies freshly produced music – both vocal and instrumental.

This 3CD-set is not just a bunch of Solution songs, it contains the complete studio recordings from a long remembered and much cherished Dutch group in their most successful era. Furthermore, this release adds several unique versions of songs to the four previously released studio-albums.

Besides the first two EMI released albums and the Gus Dudgeon-produced Cordon Bleu and Fully Interlocking (released on Elton John’s Rocket label), Mythology includes previously unavailable CD-versions of the re-recorded 7”-only versions of Divergence and Chappaqua. As a bonus, several live-tracks – recorded in 1971 for VPRO radio and television – provide a look through the camera-eye, documenting the band on stage in their formative early years.

The recordings have been exclusively remastered from the original mastertapes. In addition, this Mythology contains an informative booklet with the complete Solution 70s story and rare memorabilia.

2LP BRAINBOX – Dark Rose / Their 45s

Brainbox was something special. The band not only featured some of the Netherlands’ most preternaturally talented musicians, but in less than three years they produced a recorded legacy that was truly world class. Much of their best work appeared on their 1969-71 singles, which have been compiled on this definitive 2-LP collection, pressed on 180gm vinyl and dynamically re-mastered from the original tapes.

The original lineup with lead-guitarist Jan Akkerman, bassist André Reijnen, drummer Pierre van der Linden and vocalist extraordinaire Kaz Lux deliver the goods on pile-driving blues rock songs like Down Man and Dark Rose, and the hard-hitting Hendrix-inspired rocker Amsterdam, The First Days—all presented in their original mono mixes. After Akkerman’s departure, Brainbox expanded its musical palette with guitarists Rudy de Queljoe (ex-Dragonfly) and John Schuursma (ex-Rob Hoeke’s R&B Group), recording memorable tracks like Between Alpha And Omega, Doomsday Train, Mobilae and the blisteringly powerful Virgin. Dark Rose / Their 45s also includes previously unreleased demo-versions of Virgin, Dark Rose and the epic Sea Of Delight. It comes packaged in a magnificent gatefold-cover with rare photos and liner-notes including exclusive interview material.

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