Symphonic tribute to Dream Theater

Symphonic Theater Of Dreams is a tribute to Dream Theater. A band highly acclaimed in the progressive metal scene for more than two decades, Dream Theater has a huge following all across the globe. Michal Mierzejewski, a dedicated Dream Theater fan, had the idea in summer 2010 that he wanted to arrange Dream Theater songs in a ‘classical’ environment that had never been done before.Of course, most fans know that Dream Theater performed a one-off live show at the famous Radio City Music Hall in New York back in 2006 with a full orchestra, but this is something else…

Also in 2010, Michal posted a short teaser on YouTube and posted it on all the Dream Theater related forums (with short snippets of “The Count of Tuscany” and “The Best of Times”). This immediately caught the eye of Mike Portnoy (former drummer of the band) and he was very pleasantly surprised by this project. Quote: “This looks like it’s gonna be an EPIC symphonic tribute to DT”. Michal was very honored by this.

Symphonic Theater Of Dreams coverTrack list:
1. Overture – When Dreams Come True
    (composition by Michał Mierzejewski)
2. Hell’s Kitchen
3. Sacrificed Sons
4. Beneath The Surface
5. The Ministry of Lost Souls
6. Losing Time/Grand Finale

SToD is composed, arranged by Michał Mierzejewski

Orchestra – Sinfonietta Consonus
Conductors – Ariel Ludwiczak, Michał Mierzejewski
Bartosz Kropidłowski – classic guitar
special guests:
Tina Guo – cello
Marc Papeghin – French horns
Daniel Fries – acoustic guitars

…All the fans around the world were very excited by this short clip and the reactions were beyond Michal’s expectations. There was no turning back now. Michal had to go through with this project. So in the months to come he contacted other people who wanted to be part of this special project.

Most hardcore Dream Theater fans will recognize the name, Stephen van Baalen from Holland (aka SteveTheater / He is known for numerous pieces of unofficial DT art which he posts on many DT related forums beginning two years ago. He also won a big competition on Mike Portnoy’s forum two years ago: a contest to come up with a new look for the site. Steve won this hands down.

Michal contacted Steve and asked if he was interested in making artwork for STOD. But with a zero budget the odds where slim. His first reaction was “Now with my own business going skyrocket these last few months I can’t make artwork anymore without getting paid for my work”. But for Michal he made an exception, “Michal, it would be an honor to be part of this project, I will make all artwork and a website for free, consider it done!”

Later on Michal also posted a contest on the forums where the fans could choose what songs they wanted to hear on the upcoming CD. Now, almost a year later here we are… the website is finished, all the artwork is done, and we all wait for what Michal has prepared with the orchestra for us…

Source: Rock-Serwis

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