Travellers – new project

Travellers – that is the name of the new musical project of Wojtek Szadkowski, known for his past involvement with such acclaimed bands as Collage, Satellite, and Strawberry Fields.

As an artist, Szadkowski is strongly associated with the prog rock scene. That is why Travellers is going to be quite a surprise for all his fans, as it doesn’t really have that much in common with that particular genre. And what can we expect of this new project? As Wojtek explains: “It’s a mixture of prog, ethnic music, the 80’s music, a lot of magic and space, and all of this crowned by Robin’s fantastic voice…” And how fantastic that voice is, the fans could already hear on Strawberry Fields’ album, which was a debut for Robin.

The band (in the line-up: Robin – vocals, Grzegorz “sencha atta” Leczkowski – guitars, Krzysiek Palczewski – bass lines, Wojtek Szadkowski – keys) are currently working on their debut album “Magic”.

Metal Mind Productions tell us that the album is currently in the final recording stage and that we will have to wait for the effects of the band’s work till May, when the album “Magic” will be released.

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