Neal Morse Testimony2

Neal Morse has announced Testimony 2 European tour dates

Neal Morse

Join Neal and his 8-Piece Prog Powerhouse for a tour that’s bigger, longer and probably louder than any before.

Experience 50 full minutes of tunes! Wait, this is Neal Morse, who are we kidding? Experience 2.5+ hours of amazing music until your prog hurts. Hear Testimony 2 in its entirety, plus past favourites, and maybe songs from Spock’s Beard and even Transatlantic. (They haven’t decided yet. So technically, it’s possible that they’ll play the B-side of Boston’s Third Stage album. But, that’s unlikely.)

And while most prog bands, like Kansas, give you five or six players, tops…on this this tour, you get eight! Collin and company return with more company. Hear stuff you’ve never heard before – literally. Watch them devour lesser-numbered bands like Linkin Park*. Be amazed at so many musicians on stage not playing ska.

Finally, thrill to the epic show at London’s legendary Koko. Will a DVD be taped there? Can special guests be expected? Are there really that many balconies?

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