RoSfest add two more acts

Following from the announcement earlier this month that the Asturias electric band would perform at next year’s festival – RoSfest now announce two more attractions…

RoSfest 2013 bannerWe’re excited to announce that US act Jolly and Polish band Riverside have been signed for the 2013 edition of the Rites of Spring Festival.

Opening the festivities on Saturday morning, US band Jolly will serve their particular brand of subtly eclectic art rock to the RoSfest faithful. They are a band whose stylistic variations and combinations are plentiful and varied, bordering on progressive rock just as much as progressive metal. And towards the very end of Saturday, Polish band Riverside will finally be able to provide their brand of metal-tinged progressive rock to our audience as well. A band that we, along with a substantial number of our core audience, have desired to book for the Rites of Spring festival for quite some time. For the 2013 edition we finally managed to land them, and when they hit the stage they’ll even be the 100th artist to perform at RoSfest. A worthy cause for celebration!

Jolly and Riverside will have a mini-tour in the US in the spring of 2013, so dedicated fans will get a few more opportunities to see these bands performing. But being able to enjoy these bands in a high class comfortable theatre alongside hundreds of other dedicated prog fans, that is a setting and scenario that is ROSFest exclusive. We wish both bands the very best for the entire tour, but we’re convinced that their performances at RoSfest 2013 will be the clear highlight for bands and audience alike.

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