MMR sign Transcend

Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the signing of Canadian Prog Metal Band Transcend


Formed out of the suburbs of Montreal with a raging passion to abolish formulaic and simplified popular music of all genres, Transcend spent over five years on defining their sound and writing skills before finally completing their first album “The Mind”. The musical goals could not have been achieved without an extremely proficient line-up of musicians: Costa Damoulianos – Guitar and Vocals, Alexi Lagogianis – Keyboards, Nico Damoulianos -Bass and Jake Shamash – Drums. How four such talented individuals ended up in the same town and in the same band remains a fated mystery, though it should be clear; these guys will rip up the stage live without hesitation, and with as much precision as in the studio.

Transcend brings a whole new musical world to the table in the epic masterpiece: The Mind. Ranging from the heaviest riffs and odd-time extended instrumental sections to soft male-female vocal duets and Greek Bouzouki parts. Transcend will take the listener on an inspiring journey. Their influences remain clear and often intentionally obvious to any fans of Progressive Metal while retaining the originality which defines Transcend

Get ready to be taken on one of the most exciting musical adventures of the year. The Mind starts in the simple and immature reality of a child, moving through lessons of life and love, and finally an epic 45 minute 8 part track to complete the journey as a free and open mind. Welcome to the world of Transcend!

Disc One
Moment of Infinity [8:39]
Entity Divine [12:37]
The Love Song [7:38]
Reign Over Me [9:35]

Disc Two
The Mind Part 1: The Mind Awaits [9:07]Cart
The Mind Part 2: To Walk Away [5:04]
The Mind Part 3: New Horizons [1:40]
The Mind Part 4: Carved in Stone [6:50]
The Mind Part 5: In the Shadow of My Mind [6:01]
The Mind Part 6: Downfall [5:14]
The Mind Part 7: Ascension [4:32]
The Mind Part 8: A New Mind for a New World [5:59] 

Transcend is;
Costa Damoulianos – Guitar & Vocals
Alexi Lagogianis – Keyboard
Jake Shamash – Drums
Nico Damoulianos – Bass  

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