A-J Charron debut release

A-J Charron ~ Humouring GodsThe long-awaited first album from music web columnist A-J Charron is finally here. Humouring Gods was composed as a classical suite for orchestra and two guitars. This interpretation however is a rock version. Most of the traditional classical instruments have been replaced with guitars, using unconventional effects. Bass and keyboards are also used to complete the themes, only the timpani has survived from the original incarnation.

Based on Greek mythology, Humouring Gods is the story of a beautiful woman transformed into a harpy as punishment for being seduced by a god. From her horrific awakening in a new, strange body, through her plans for vengeance, to her spiral into insanity and her obvious end, Humouring Gods deals with the emotions of the woman more than with a simple story.

A-J is well known for his contributions on the web in songwriting, CD and concert reviews, equipment reviews and interviews. He has contributed to such sites as guitarnoise.com, dprp.net, guitar9.com and many others. He is also the author of the book “So You Want to Be a Songwriter?”.

The album is available in CD format and digital download HERE.

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