ProgPower Europe information!

ProgPower We just would like you to know that day tickets for ProgPower Europe are available now. Check it out at Because we use an online ticket system you will get your tickets right away after your payment. Therefore we are not going to make reservations for tickets this year, you order your tickets through our online system or you pay your ticket at the entrance. Better order it online because that will be cheaper, ticket price at the entrance is a bit higher.

Of course you still will be able to order weekend tickets! And below our timetable!

Hope to see you all next weekend.

ProgPower 2012 time schedule:

Thursday October 4
Persefone : 22:30-23:45hrs

Friday October 5
Orkenkjott : 19:00-20:00hrs
Anubis Gate : 20:30-21:40hrs
Heaven’s Cry : 22:10-23:50hrs

Saturday October 6
A Liquid Landscape : 13:30-14:30hrs
Shattered Skies : 15:00-16:00hrs
Alarum : 16:30-17:30hrs
The Levitation Hex : 18:30-19:30hrs
Nightingale : 20:00-21:10hrs
Vandenplas : 21:55-23:35hrs

Sunday October 7
Atlantis : 13:30-14:30hrs
Empty Yard Experiment : 15:00-16:00hrs
Uneven Structure : 16:30-17:30hrs
Borealis : 18:30-19:30hrs
Akphaezya : 20:00-21:00hrs
Circus Maximus : 21:45-23:30hrs

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