Kompendium The remarkable new concept album in the tradition of War of the Worlds, Dark Side of the Moon and Tubular Bells featuring the talents of: Steve Hackett – Francis Dunnery – Steve Balsamo- Gavin Harrison – Nick Beggs – Mel Collins – Nick Barrett – John Mitchell – Neil Taylor – Jakko Jackzyk – Troy Donockley – Rob Reed – The English Chamber Choir – The London Session Orchestra conducted by Dave Stewart and many more….

Beneath The Waves melds the talents of over two dozen artists and ensembles into an astonishing album of rare depth, emotion and intensity. Held together by a vocal performance of spine tingling power from Steve Balsamo (Jesus Christ Superstar) and coordinated by celebrated producer / composer Rob Reed (Magenta, ChimpanA) , the album features a jaw-dropping array of musical talent.

Adding to the epic quality of the album are celebrated vocal ensemble Synergy, The English Chamber Choir conducted by Guy Protheroe, the London Session Orchestra conducted by Dave Stewart plus renowned opera singers Rhys Meirion and Shan Cothi. The album also features lyrics by Steve Reed (Magenta) and artwork by Geoff Taylor (War of the Worlds).

Rob Reed comments: “The genesis of the album was a conversation with a contemporary of mine over a glass of wine.We were talking about all the epic albums we loved from the 70s like Tubular Bells and War of the Worlds, and how nobody seems to make music like that anymore.He came up with a sort of ‘gentleman’s challenge’ to go ahead and make one, and like a fool, I said yes! Three years later, I now realise why they don’t make them anymore.I went back to my favourite albums and made a wish list of players from the 70s and a few contemporary artists as well that I wanted for the project.What I really love are albums that mix styles so with all these great musicians, I was able to blend Celtic music with rock and classical to produce something and which although was a huge
undertaking, I really hope is unique.”

This stunning concept album by Kompendium is in the spirit of all those great albums from the 70s without sounding like any of them.

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