ProgStorm Festival – The Netherlands

ProgStorm On October 27th, their will be a new neo-progressive festival held in Heemskerk, The Netherlands with four bands. On their first edition they made a choice of a variosity of new and older bands from The Netherlands and Germany.

Alerion: Ranging from fast and heavy to slow and mellow, with diverse arrangements and atmospheric melodies, Alerion’s sound is not easily described, but very recognizable. Alerion’s influences include bands like Camel, Megadeth, Threshold, Opeth, Dream Theater, Riverside, Vanden Plas, Explorers Club, Symphony X, Ayreon and many others with female vocals.

Incidense: Progressive rock/metal band Incidense conveys a clear statement to the listener with their debut album Incarcerated. Sensitive passages interspersed with solid rock/metal riffs and challenging time signatures provide a broad musical spectrum that introduces the listener to the world of Incidense.

Tightland: The new German band from vocalist Dirk “Bovie” Bovensiepen, ex-Darius and ex-Jack Yello. Just prepping into the studio to record their new album which should be released in the beginning of 2013. Bovie is putting his sound, together with his band, back again into the beginning days of the Darius period with melodically neo-prog.

Knight Area: Knight Area plays symphonic rock music, also classified as neo-progressive rock. The music blends a variety of styles using very melodic keyboards and guitars and the dynamic songs vary from ballads to more rock and metal kind of music. In October 2011, the 4th album is by The Laser’s Edge (USA). This album, Nine Paths, is mixed by Neil Kernon and mastered by Alan Douchess. Charlotte Wessels of Delain made a guest appearance by singing a duet with Knight Area singer Mark Smit.

Tickets are only € 5,- by reservation at: or at the venue on the ProgStorm day! More info on Facebook!

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