Wolverine cancels show at Progmotion Festival

Wolverine We regret to announce that we have cancelled our show, tomorrow Saturday September 1, at the Progmotion Festival in Uden, The Netherlands. The reason for this is because Stefan has contracted pneumonia which makes it impossible for him to sing properly. He was diagnosed Tuesday evening and the doctor thought he might be in such luck that he could sing by Saturday. Stefan has been taking his medication but although there have been some improvements he is not able to breathe properly. As you all know, breathing is the foundation to singing.

This is a nightmare to everyone involved. The organizers have spent lots of money on promotion, they have driven thousands of kilometers to spread the word about the festival only to find that their headliner cancels the show. For the band this is a nightmare as well since we’ve spent a lot of time in rehearsals, getting Jonas on board and we really looked forward to get back up on stage after more than a year off stage. There will also be financial issues involved regarding cancelled flights and so on.

Last, but not least, our fans that were coming to see us won’t get the chance. Some of you have probably booked a hotel room as well. We do of course hope you go anyway and support the festival since all initiatives to promote music should be applauded.

We’re really sorry for this but please know we did all in our power to make the show happen.

Kingfisher Sky will perform instead.

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