Aaron English new release

Aaron EnglishFresh off the back of 2010’s stunning ‘American [Fever] Dream’ Aaron English returns with his latest release, a Middle Eastern- infused rock hybrid of the classic Led Zeppelin and Beatles tracks “Kashmir” & “Norwegian Wood”. Aaron had said this on the release:

We were on a break from our first U.S. tour & I heard some of the band jamming a Middle Eastern groove. I began singing “Norwegian Wood” over the top and this medley was born. It became one of our most popular live songs: recognizable-but-fresh, high-energy and a quintessential example of The Aaron English Band’s hallmark.”   

“We’d always enjoyed playing this medley, and we got some great live recordings of it but we’d never recorded a studio version. By the time we’d gotten together to record we hadn’t played together since July 2008. We regrouped at Death Cab for Cutie’s Two Sticks studio in Seattle in October 2010 for a session and spent four hours dialling in sounds & catching up before putting the medley to tape.” 

“We invited friends and family to bring video cameras of many shapes and sizes to document the event and our guitarist Patrick Strole spent several months editing the footage together. I feel it captures the energy and excitement of the studio recording while highlighting the band’s skills and giving our fans an insight into our world.”

The video can be found for streaming purposes here:

The medley has just been released on iTunes and can be found HERE.  
For more information on Aaron please check out www.aaronenglish.com.

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