Enochian Theory announce live London show

Rising UK prog rockers Enochian Theory are to play both of their studio albums at The Peel in Kingston on Saturday, September 1.

The show is promoted by The House Of Progression, and the trio will be performing their Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio debut album, followed by last year’s Life… And All It Entails.

Enochian Theory

“We’ve got the chance to do this for the first time, because we’re doing a two-hour set,” says bassist Shaun Rayment. “We’ll be doing the albums back to back, with no break, as the music just flows naturally from the debut into the second one. The only variation we’ll make to the running order is putting Loves, which ends the current record, as an interlude piece after we finish Evolution…”

This is the only chance fans will have in 2012 to see the trio – also featuring guitarist/vocalist Ben Harris-Hayes and drummer/percussionist Sam Street – playing the albums together. But it could happen again next year.

“It all depends on whether our set time is long enough. It does need a full two hours.”

There won’t be any visuals at The Peel, and that’s all down to money or lack of it.

“We just don’t have the budget, although we do have a lot of ideas. But hopefully people will enjoy the music, which is what it’s all about anyway. We’d also love to do this with a full orchestra, if we can get the finances sorted. Being just a trio, we have to use a lot of samples to recreate the recordings. But we’ve been rehearsing a lot, and I know our fans will enjoy the experience.”

Enochian Theory are also working on a short animated film, based around the song The Fire Around The Lotus, which is on the debut album.

“It’s been a long process getting this done, but we are hoping to have it out either by the end of the year or early in 2013.”

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