Eddie and Hans leaving After The Silence

After The Silence To our great regret, we must sadly inform you that 2 band members will leave After The Silence.

Eddie is soon father for the 2nd time (congratulations!) and so soon has other priorities. This is why he can no longer be fully committed for the band. Also Hans currently has too much on his head because of his private situation, so Hans has indicated to stop at After The Silence unfortunately.

Ofcourse, we regret the departure of the 2 gentlemen, but ofcourse, we have respect for their decision. We will unfortunately have to accept this. To this we wish Eddie and Hans therefore very much luck and success in the future and we want to thank them for what they meant for After The Silence.

For After The Silence, this means that there are 2 vacancies released, namely that of Keybordist and Bassist (male or female, both are welcome!). You can read the full ad on our website.

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