The Samurai of Prog

The Samurai of Prog - UndercoverThe debut CD of THE SAMURAI OF PROG “Undercover” will be released by Musea Records just before summer.

The band consists of Marco Bernard – Rickenbacker bass, Kimmo Pörsti – drums and Steve Unruh – vocals, violin and guitars. Furthermore it will feature the talent of: Roine Stolt, Michael Manring, Jonas Reingold, Jon Davison, David Myers, Guy Le Blanc, Richard Marichal, Eduardo Garcia Salueña, Stefano Vicarelli, Srdjan Brankovich and several other friends. 

1. The Lamia (Genesis)
2. Starship Trooper (Yes)
3. World of Adventures (The Flower Kings)
4. Assassing (Marillion) * alternate version
5. Gravitá 9.81 (Arti + Mestieri)
6. Jerusalem (EL&P)
7. Dogs (Pink Floyd)
8. The Promise
+ bonus tracks from  the Elektroshock period (’78-’79)… a tribute:
9. Stranger (performed by Resistors)
10. Blood Sacrifice (performed by Costa & Mariotti)
11. Asylum (performed by Roz Vitalis)
12. Prisoner of the World (performed by Contrarian)

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