Beyond The Labyrinth new song

“Unlock The Dream” is sung by Tokie Ayos. Tokie was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to Belgium some years ago. Most of the time, she sings cover tunes but for Beyond The Labyrinth, she gladly wanted to make an exception. We discovered Tokie through Michel Lodder’s wife Barbara – they are colleagues in the same store.

We believe that everybody has the right to be happy independent of the gender that his or her partner of choice has.

In this society, still all too often, we are being confronted with less-than-equal rights for people who love someone of the same sex…

Gay bashing can be visible like, for example, gay people being beaten up just because of their sexuality or invisible like e.g. derogatory remarks, prejudice, legal or practical obstructions being misused for discriminatory reasons, and more…

The accompanying video clip is composed out of a great suite of drawings by local talent Greetje Theerens, based on both existing and original photographs and drawings, in which she showcases her talent for stylization and her eye for detail.

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