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Egbert Derix Egbert Derix started playing the piano at age 15. At 18 he was admitted to the Maastricht Conservatory. There he studied with Irvin Rochlin, Frank Giebels, and Louise Wolfs. In 1994 he graduated for his teachingdegree in Jazzpiano. In 1995 he received his diploma for “Jazzperfomance”. Egbert also studied with David Berkman and Steve Kuhn in New York. Derix is pianist/composer for the Searing Quartet, Angeli and I.E., a musical partnership with Iain Matthews. Derix is a teacher at the Rockacademy in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The album will be released early September and will feature contributions by Steve Hogarth, Supertramp’s saxplayer John Helliwell, Iain Matthews, The Limburg String Quartet, and a few more very special guests.

“I’ve had the idea for a solo piano album for a few years now. But I never could figure out what it should be about. Should it become a showcase for my playing? An album of my favourite jazz standards, originals or free improvisations? The more I tried and thought about it, it became very clear: If I was going to do a solo album it had to include music I was really passionate about and felt very comfortable with. That’s when I knew I could take some of my favourite Marillion songs and interpret them in an instrumental way where I would still feel the words and music of the original version.

I had put some piano versions of Marillion songs on YouTube in the past, mostly by request from other Marillion fans. I just played the song in front of my webcam, so the sound quality was always very poor. I used to get some nice reactions – and not so nice ones also. But if I was going into the studio I wanted to try other approach as well – that is where the string quartet came in. When I was working on the string arrangements to the new I.E. (Iain Matthews/Egbert Derix) album I immediately felt I also had to do some string arrangements to Marillion music, whether as a string quartet only or as a background to my playing. It felt right instantly. And hearing that string quartet play my arrangements to Bridge and Pseudo Silk Kimono for the first time was really emotional. Before that it only existed in my mind.”

Listen HERE for the song Bridge. For information on how to pre-order sent an email to with ‘info pre-order’ in the subject space.

01. blind curve
02. waiting to happen
03. seasons end.
04. bridge
05. alone again in the space
06. this train is my life
07. marbles I
08. garden party stroll
09. mood piece for john anthony
10. bill’s marble
11. warm wet landscape
12. pseudo silk kimono
13. thousand faces
14. marillion memories
15. chick’s marble
16. safe in the sanctuary
17. where the heart is
18. phoenix

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