Credo new drummer

The search is over as Credo announce that Gerald “Mully” Mulligan will take over the drum throne. Mully has performed previously with Sean Filkins, The Anabasis and Lee Abraham…

Gerald "Mully" Mulligan New CREDO drummer Gerald Mulligan, forever now known as “Mully”, is that very rare breed of drummer whose power and precision are only exceeded by his sensitivity and ability to change the mood as only a true master musician can.

Mully has been playing drums from the age of 12, learning his chops from playing along to the 1983 Genesis album before working his way backwards through their musical cannon and forwards forging his own identity as a top PROG session drummer. 

Coming to CREDO’s attention as the powerhouse behind F2 label- mate “Sean Filkins – War Peace and Other Short Stories” and the critically acclaimed “The Anabasis – Back From Being Gone” where he played alongside Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard) and Lee Abraham’s albums, Mully has a real PROG pedigree that has added an amazing new dimension to the band.

A veteran of the live scene for 25 years playing across various genres as well as a well-honed studio pedigree in the PROG field make Mully the obvious and compelling new drummer in one of the most popular and endearing NEO PROG bands of the current millennium.

Mully’s live debut with CREDO will be at The Robin 2 Bilston as CREDO appear as special guests of SOLSTICE

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