Phideaux procrastinating…

Phideaux bannerPhideaux Xavier is procrastinating, but he wanted to let you know what he’s been up to:

“I have made a “promotional issue” of some finished music from albums that are not yet finished.  You might call it a teaser/taster.  It can be downloaded for free at bandcamp – HERE !

Alongside the tracks from upcoming albums, there are some rare and live recordings.  We pressed 500 copies on CD and will offer them for free to those who send a stamped/addressed CD envelope (in US) or who paypal postage funds to us.  Here are the track details:

1. Thank You For The Evil (unreleased orchestral edit of a song from “Doomsday Afternoon”)
2. Tempest Of Mutiny (from “7½”)
3. Strange Cloud (from “7½”; also available on Dante’s Purgatorio from Musea)
4. Out Of The Angry Planet (Live at 3RP, studio version will appear on “7½”)
5. Chupacabras (Live at Festival Crescendo)
6. Snuff (from Mogon “We Saw The World And It’s Beautiful”; also available on “Decameron” from Musea)
7. The Chairs (from Mogon “These Are Our True Faces”)

For those who have heard about Phideaux Xavier’s offshoot project Mogon, here’s a chance to hear two tracks from that project.  The price is free and here’s hoping it will whet your whistle for our upcoming albums…

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  1. donnie garrison says:

    You may or may not know, but is also a writer for daytime soap opera’s here in the states. He just won an award for best soap “General Hospital”. Oh and the promo album is great except it makes me wantee 7 1/2 even more now.

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