Adventures In Neverland

The Reasoning So here we are, the mixing stage of “Adventures In Neverland”. 6 weeks ago we were finishing the last of the songs for the new The Reasoning album and now we enter the final stages leading to completion. This has genuinely been a mind blowing experience for so many reasons with each and every member of the band pulling out all of the stops to bring you guys something very fresh, exciting, alive, rocking, adventurous and catchy.
We cannot wait to get this out there. News on pre-ordering and release dates will be coming your way soon.

We would also like to say something about the guitars for this album. When our dear friend Owain went missing 4 months ago we stated that we would be getting some friends in to help contribute solos for the album. Our remit was to choose close friends to contribute and who would help tie in all the connections with Owain and the band so, we are very pleased and honoured to announce that the 2 extra guitar contributions on this album come from our dear friends Dave Foster (Mr. So & So) and James Kennedy (Kyshera). Dave has been a pal for more years than he cares to remember lol and he was the gentleman who stepped in for our Esoteric showcase gig in London in April where he played an absolute blinder. James has now been involved with the band for the past 2 years helping to mix the live album, EP and now this new album. He has become an extremely good friend of ours and a big part of the team too. Their contributions to the album are truly stunning and thank you guys for being a part of it and for your friendship.

On another note, I am not sure if many of you are aware, but I also managed to locate a demo solo that Owain did for a song back in July last year. I really thought I had lost it but it turned up during a system clean. Suffice to say, I was just more than a little pleased and relieved to have found it. I put it straight into the finished song and it fits perfectly, so, I am also extremely chuffed to say that Owain will make an appearance on this album too and it’s wonderful plus, it’s on the title track no less :o)

Obviously, and this goes without saying, we are extremely lucky to now have the quite fantastic and very talented Keith Hawkins playing in The Reasoning and, under difficult circumstances, he has been a complete superstar and gentleman throughout all of this. His guitar contributions to this album are just outstanding so, to have 4 incredibly brilliant players on this new record is quite incredibly lucky.

There it is dear friends, the “Adventures In Neverland” are really about to start……. Matt ;o) xx

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