New project Fourteen Twentysix frontman

Frontman of Dutch rockband Fourteen Twentysix launched a new music project: Bow. The production of its debut album will be entirely fan-funded, at least that is the goal. In the next 60 days the artist tries to get his dream realized without the help of a supporting label.

Crowd-funding; it’s not new. Kickstarter recently got a lot of well deserved attention and PledgeMusic seems to be the go-to fan donation site for musicians. A growing number of artists chooses to operate independently, calling upon their loyal fanbase to realize their next creative product. It’s a very direct and personal relationship that results in a beautiful dynamic: Artist and Fan have never been closer.

“I want to create music I love and together with the fans we create our own successful niche, outside the mainstream and majors.” says van der Linden. A search on Google shows that many PledgeMusic artists have indeed launched their product through crowd-funding. Will Bow be another one of these success stories?

Chris van der Linden has 60 days to reach his target budget.

For more info and participation visit:

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