Mike Portnoy most popular drummer

Mike Portnoy Mike Portnoy proves for a second straight year that his prog drumming makes him perhaps the most popular drummer in the world. Portnoy won “Best Drummer” and “Best Progressive Drummer”, with more than 9,000 drummers voting in DRUM! magazine’s 17th annual readers poll.

Unlike last year when Portnoy’s victory was very decisive, the race was very close with Portnoy barely beating out runners-up, Neil Peart, Chris Adler and Chad Smith.

In part, Portnoy’s victory may be a result of how busy he was this year. As noted in the July 2012 issue of DRUM!, Portnoy founded two bands (Flying Colors and Adrenaline Mob), and was on the bus with numerous acts. “Portnoy has demonstrated his popularity and dedication to the drumming arts,” said Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “With his second victory, he has proven that his drumming is recognized by drummers, regardless of age or demographic.”

The same factors regarding Portnoy reflect his taking “Best Progressive Drummer.” He beat out last year’s winner, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), and other runner-ups, Mike Mangini, Darren King and Virgil Donati.

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