The Psychedelic Ensemble single release

The Psychedelic Ensemble With over 30 years experience in the music industry, the multi-instrumentalist known as The Psychedelic Ensemble has garnered numerous awards including more than 15 ASCAP awards and many others. Having worked as a performer, composer, and arranger with many pre-eminent musicians worldwide, the artist has recently released three solo albums under the moniker of The Psychedelic Ensemble.

The music of The Psychedelic Ensemble combines progressive rock, art rock, symphonic rock, and classical styles. All three albums present dramatic concepts on gapless recordings. Each album is a dramatic and musical journey through inventive terrains. In The Art of Madness we follow the protagonist’s descent into madness; in The Myth of Dying we follow a deceased poet as he traverses the afterlife; in The Dream of the Magic Jongleur we follow a wandering musician–the jongleur–in his search for magic music. The psychedelic drama of each album unfolds in complex performances and musical styles. While creating the effect of a large ensemble, the music is, in fact, performed entirely by the solo artist, The Psychedelic Ensemble.

The Psychedelic Ensemble has released a single, “Silent Sam”. You can download the track HERE!

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