Frequency Drift

Frequency “…laid to rest” is the follow up to Frequency Drift’s critically acclaimed album “Ghosts…”. We enhanced the cinematic experience of our music by adding a new palette of colours. While “Ghosts” was more of a guitar driven album, this time you can find influences of Arabic, Irish and classical music. The guitars are still there, but now you can also hear unconventional and interesting instruments as the e-harp, e-violin, clarinet and a variety of medieval instruments.

The mood of “…laid to rest” is darker than the one of “Ghosts…”. The songs are still about ghosts, but while the former songs were more concerned with topics as loss and yearning, this time the spectres aren’t not as mellow and friendly as they were on the previous album. This change in the atmosphere is also conveyed through the darker cover. However, not everything is dark and gloomy on the album. The six songs are full of mood swings and surprising changes. They take you on a journey to far away place, but they nevertheless have very reflective and intimate moments. All of this is also reflected in Antje’s versatile and expressive vocals.

It contains the following songs:
1. Dead
2. Parted
3. Cold
4. Wish
5. Ice
6. Copper

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