Karnataka announce new vocalist!

Karnataka have announced that Hayley Griffiths will be their new vocalist …. 

Hayley Griffiths“Hayley Griffiths has toured the world as lead vocalist with the Celtic musical phenomena Riverdance and Lord Of The Dance.

In 2004, Hayley was flown to Dublin to sing for the Executive Producer of the Irish phenomenon, ‘Riverdance’. Just two days later she began a tour that over the next few years would take her extensively across Europe, North America, Russia, Japan and China singing to a crowd of thousands every night.

Hand picked by Michael Flatley himself, Hayley won the role of Erin the Goddess in ‘Lord of the Dance’ in late 2005, a tour that would take her to nearly every state in North America as well as extensive sold out tours of Canada, Mexico, and Europe. A one off performance of Michael Flatley’s ‘Feet of Flames’ in January 2008 would mark a high point in Hayley’s career, thus far, with her voice being heard by 20,000 people at the Taipei Arena, in Taiwan. 

Hayley has now embarked on a hugely successful solo career, releasing her debut album Silver Screen to critical acclaim in 2010 and winning the prestigious Classical Crossover Album Of The Year Award 2010.

Sharing a passion for pushing the boundaries of contemporary Celtic/Classical/rock music, Hayley has also now joined forces with Karnataka taking their sound to new heights.”

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