Porcupine Tree rumours!

Porcupine Tree stops for a while?

Here’s a brief extract of an interview with Steven Wilson to be aired on Planet Rock Radio on April 6th….. But not 100% confirmed!

Porcupine Tree “In essence, Porcupine Tree has probably run its course, I believe the band have reached a peak both musically and commercially and with my own change in musical direction, it would seem to me to be the appropriate time to put the band on a hiatus. I’ve enjoyed the extra freedom of being a solo artist and how it allows me to be more diverse than within the context of a band. I’m sure the band will appear again in some form, but not in the foreseeable future, I have a large backlog of musical ideas, I would like to see them come to fruition outside a band context, I trust most Porcupine Tree fans will see the greater picture and look forward to these exciting projects”

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2 Responses to Porcupine Tree rumours!

  1. Marc says:


    It was an April Fool’s joke from nearly 3 weeks ago.


  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for this link, Marc.
    I also did a search at the Planet Rock website and no such interview is found there.

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