ProgSphere Promotions massive download compilation

ProgSphere ~ ProgStravaganzaProgSphere Promotions is offering lovers of progressive rock and metal the chance to sample music from 43 different bands with its latest free-2-download compilation. Its tenth Progstravaganza is ProgSphere’s largest project so far. Available via ProgSphere’s Bandcamp page, it is available as high quality audio. In addition, every of the bands from the sampler will be presented with interviews, reviews, streams or any other special features on specially designed website (Click HERE) during a period of 30 days.

The compilation is mostly progressive rock/metal, but there are other genres represented as well, proving that ProgSphere is about being diverse and progressive. Included on the compilation are several bands whose albums have been reviewed on DPRP including Anta, Oresund Space Collective, Trigon, Fourteen Twentysix, Hollow Branches, Morild and Villebrad.

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